Sunday, October 19, 2014

Simpson Family Sneak Peek | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer | San Antonio Family Photographer

Another beautiful and cuddly family from last night! The sun was so perfect for us!

Conroy Sneak Peek | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer | San Antonio Family Photographer

I have been blessed with the most amazing weather this weekend! Sunshine for every session! This family is just way too adorable and I love kissy families SO MUCH!! There were lots of smooches to go around. :-) Enjoy your sneak peek!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Soto Family Sneak Peek! | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

A quick sneak peek for sweet Claudia! Your family is just too adorable for words!!! Enjoy!

Fall Mini Session Sneak Peek | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Family Photographer | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

A quick little sneak peek of this ridiculously good looking family I shot last night! We have one daddy mini and one mommy mini and they were so awesome during their session! It was a photographing your beautiful family! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Glowing | Maternity Session | San Antonio Newborn Photographer | San Antonio Maternity Photographer | Purest Light Photography

I met up with this GORGEOUS mama to be last night for her maternity session and we had so much fun! Her sister came along and quickly became my assistant for the evening hahaha. We all chatted babies, kids and the strange things that happen to your body when you get pregnant. Lailani you are just glowing and I cannot wait to meet your sweet baby girl in just a few short months. Enjoy your sneak peek!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jaundice Newborns | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

As a general rule I try to keep babies as close to real life when editing them. I don't like plastic looking babies so I feel less is more. I do edit out small blemishes and scratches and if baby is beet red then I will tone it down. But the hardest newborn skin issue I have dealt with is jaundice. Bright yellow babies. My son was bright yellow for a few months after he was born, straight up Oompa Loompa baby. :-( I have struggled over the years editing jaundice babies. I have tried actions that just make baby's skin look dull and lifeless and I have taken the easy route and converted my images to black and white. UNTIL NOW!!

I have the most simple solution for editing jaundiced newborn skin. Every baby is different and will need tweaking but you can totally play around with this.

Sweet little Archer was very jaundice as you can see in the SOOC image. But with a few simple edits I was able to wipe that yellow right away. Keep in mind I am NOT a Photoshop expert so bear with me hahaha.

I made a layer mask with Hue/Saturation and pulled down my YELLOW tab. Like I said above each and every baby is going to need different tweaking so slide it back and forth until you get a pleasing skin tone. I then removed the layer mask over daddy and the background because we don't want to change those colors.

I finished up with a few of my own hand edits and volia!

No need for any actions this only took me about 15 seconds! Don't you just want to smooch his face!?

Purest Light Photography offers 1:1 Newborn Mentoring. Information can be found on my website.

Fall Mini Session Sneak Peek! | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of photographing this adorable family on Sunday evening. The weather here in San Antonio has been a bit questionable lately and Sunday was cloudy and yucky all day long. I was so very happy when the sun decided to pop out about 5 minutes before their session YAY! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw sweet little Brandon! Oh my goodness he is the most scrumptious little chub ever! I scooped him right out of his stroller and had to use all of my will power not to eat him up. He was absolutely perfect for his whole session, smiling like a perfect little model. Those cheeks!!! Just a little sneak peek for mommy and daddy :-)