Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Isabella | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

I received an email a few months ago from this beautiful couple letting me know they wanted to book a newborn session. The had just adopted a sweet little baby girl last October and within a few months they found out they were pregnant! Yay! So within a year they welcomed 2 absolutely beautiful healthy baby girls. Talk about a blessing! Both of them are as sweet as pie but soon enough they will be ganging up on Mommy and Daddy together ;-) It was an absolute joy photographing this adorable family!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Ferraro Sneak Peek | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

I had so much fun shooting this kiddos the other night. They sure did keep me on my toes! Hahaha but the are just too adorable. :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gender Reveal! | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

We couldn't be any more excited about adding another sweet baby to our family and now we are going to share the gender! Aslinn came along to the ultrasound yesterday but was not told what the sex of the baby was. We really wanted to surprise the kiddos together.  

We were blessed to find out the baby is growing amazingly well and everything looks normal. Baby is already a bit of a chunker (not a big shock) at 9 ounces when the 18 week average is 6 ounces. 

 Aslinn has insisted the entire pregnancy that the baby is a girl so she is 100% team pink. Noah was certain it was a boy so he is team blue. We went down the road and found a sunny spot to shoot and you will see what happened. Their reactions were priceless!

A few shots with their team colors.

Team Pink!

Team Blue!

Who is it going to be? Close your eyes REALLY tight! And it is a......


Noah is THRILLED! I am pretty sure Aslinn was in shock. Complete denial and a no-nap day mixed together. Haha!

Slowly she began to come around.

Another boy! Grumble grumble! Don't be fooled, she was just joking around :-)

"Come on guys!" Hahahaha

And because she was being cute and somewhat cooperative I kept shooting!

I have to say I was 100% surprised at the gender! I really had no idea either way. It really hit both of us about an hour after finding out. Chris sent me a text after the left the hospital that he was "Really Excited!" (He doesn't get excited or use exclamation points. Ever.) And of course I cried! Hahaha! We get to raise a sweet little boy again! We cannot wait for this adventure!

Yes, we have a name picked out already.And NO we are still not telling until he is born. :-)

The Hinds Family

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Own Family! | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer

I was so fortunate to have my sweet friend Janssen of Photography by Janssen take on the task of photographing my own family this fall. Of course in true "Photographer's Child" fashion my kids were completely uncooperative. 0_o But I am so very thankful for these pictures. I cannot express how important it is to GET INTO THE PICTURES! Kids grow and change so quickly! And my own kids absolutely love seeing our own family pictures hanging all over our home. Thank you so very much Janssen for capturing these memories for us I will cherish them forever!

Ohhh and this. :-)


We are so excited to announce we will be welcoming Baby Hinds #3 in March! Chris and I have done a pretty great job of keeping this baby a secret for 18 weeks. 

Noah and Aslinn are excited beyond belief about having a baby in the house. They are constantly kissing my belly, singing the baby and talking about all of the fun they will have together when the baby comes out. We are hoping to have both of the children present at the birth of this baby, God willing the birth will go smoothly. 

This pregnancy had a bit of a rough start with extreme all day sickness :-( I am happy to report that the second trimester has been a lot kinder to me and my body. I have to admit this pregnancy has been the hardest by far. But the amazing gift of carrying a growing human outweighs feeling horrible any day. 

Baby is a mover and shaker for sure and is measuring great. We will be finding out the sex in just a few short days. Aslinn insists it is a girl and Noah insists it is a boy. Chris and I have absolutely no idea but of course we are just praying for a healthy and happy child.

As with Aslinn we will NOT be sharing the baby's name before birth. The kids have their own list of names that have been swirling around:
Not exactly sure any of those are up our alley but we will keep them in mind ;-)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Duke Family Sneak Peek | Purest Light Photography | San Antonio Newborn Photographer | San Antonio Family Photographer

I was so excited to work with this beautiful family again! I shot their maternity pictures, their sweet baby girl's newborn pictures 5 months ago and now their family pictures. I cannot believe how much Madelyn has grown. It is so much fun watching my clients grow and get all CHUBBY!